Government Approved Cabinets

Security Classification: Approved



Providing security for data with a range a products with UK government and MoD approved secure containers, information security solutions, locks and locking systems and document tracking.

Secure (Government Approved) server racks and work stations with advanced technology.  We are constantly upgrading our offerings in line with customer requirements and include:


Although the basic version of this container is a standard item, most are built to exact customer specifications in sizes from 10U to 47U.

Building rack containers to specific requirements means that all the customer has to do is install their hardware and the system is then ready to run immediately. There is no need for additional work at the customers premises installing cooling systems or accessories etc. This can save a great deal of time and is therefore very cost effective.

There is a huge array of equipment that can be provided, from fan trays for cooling and ventilation to copper bus bars, PDU’s (power distribution units), cable management systems, earth wiring kits and perforated shelving.

Two door entry to these rack containers gives unparalleled service access to hardware. It also greatly eases the assembly and cabling of equipment during buildup thanks to greater accessibility.

The containers can accept up to 5 fan trays of four fans each. A cable management security system is provided for the secure entry and exit of cables.

The full Templar range is available with a choice of high security locks.


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