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9210 soundproof cabinet 

USystems has designed and produced a range of highly efficient soundproof server cabinet range to accommodate all office situations—ideal for any working environment where noise from active IT equipment is distracting or invasive. This can have the added benefit of saving space and capital expenditure as there is no need to build a dedicated comms or server room separate to the office effectively giving you ‘a Server room in a cabinet’.



Peace and quiet

In technical terms only UCoustic 9210 soundproof cabinets have an unrivalled sound attenuation of 28.5dBA independently tested and verified, but in real terms WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Well it’s the equivalent of 99% sound reduction to you and me as you can hear from the sampler below.


Just chillin'

Protecting expensive servers and switches or just general IT equipment is of paramount importance and by clever design the unique cooling system of the UCoustic 9210 enables the removal of up to a staggering 7.2kW of heat load.

The advanced airflow characteristics of the UCoustic design combined with best practice installation, ensures hot spots are a thing of the past.


Great all rounder

Being the best in class for soundproofing and cooling is all well and good, but if this is at the expense of being a poorly designed data rack, then this is surely an unacceptable compromise.

The UCoustic 9210 is simply an excellent all round 19” data, comms and server cabinet, with fully adjustable front and rear mounting angles and 6 cable entry ports.


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Pay back

Reducing energy bills is always desirable but expecting a standard server cabinet to assist in this aspect is impossible. This is where the UCoustic 9210 differs. A unique retrofit heat ducting system prevents hot air from entering the room.
This not only provides the benefit of allowing hot air to be reused elsewhere in the company but also reduces the  airconditioning energy required to cool the room in the first place.


Sound investment

Before embarking on a new room or refit of existing office space it is agreed that building a purpose made room for servers is expensive. Clearly utilising existing space is a lot cheaper but can cause many issues for staff and business users from invasive noise and excessive heat from IT equipment.

So having a server room in a purpose made cabinet which eliminates both sound and heat issues while looking really
rather smart makes for a realistic CapEx saving and all round good choice!


And there’s more

Unique IP54(44) rated model ideal for dusty environments or offices in industrial areas and an anti vibration model which protects the IT equipment from vibration and mild shocks, especially important if installing sensitive active equipment or if used in a controlled environment and useful for transporting populated cabinet for relocation etc.


The main benefits

  • Excellent all round 19” datacomms and server cabinets unrivalled sound attenuation performance – 28.5 dBA
  • Unbeatable cooling capacity – 7.2 kW
  • Optional energy saving ducting kit

UCoustic cabinets - are also outstanding because

  • Acoustics independently tested by MIRA to ISO 3744
  • Freestanding enclosures or wall mounted models
  • Available in 12U, 24U and 42U heights
  • Compatible with all leading makes and types of server and SAN storage, including IBM, HP, Dell, Sun, Groupe Bull and EMC2
  • For relocation, heavy duty castors are fitted as standard
  • Affordable, lockable and easy to populate

UCoustic cabinets - main options

  • IP 54 rating
  • Anti-vibration system

Soundproof Server Cabinets & Enclosures