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Custom Made Cabinets

We supply a wide range of Custom Made Cabinets, Enclosures and accessories manufactured to your exact specification including CPNI Government approved cabinets See below for a few examples.


We now offer a range of CPNI protection level grading - 
-  6U to 48U one door server racks - 
Security Furninture - 
CPNI Government approved cabinets 
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Data centre cooling solutions

Why USystems?

At USystems we continuously strive to deliver the most energy and space efficient datacentre cooling products and solutions in the world – helping reduce our customers’ carbon footprint by encompassing natural and renewable resources. We can provide you with all the information you should need to maximise energy efficiency and uptime.

What type of cooling?

There are many types of cooling that you can use to cool your systems. But some are more efficient than others.

You tell us the systems you want or use in your datacentre we will tell you the best way in which to cool it efficiently and cost effectively – be sure to browse the complete cooling solutions from USystems for all your comms room cooling needs too.

Monitoring and reporting

This is key to keeping your datacentre’s systems running at its optimum capacity while keeping costs down. Our systems are designed to do this, with a range of different ways to monitor and report back to you.

 Energy saving

There are many energy metrics used within different industries – the air conditioning industry uses the energy efficiency ratio (EER) and data centres often refer to PUE (power usage effectiveness).  Another metric used within the air conditioning field is the estimated seasonal energy efficiency ratio (ESEER) which takes into account both part load and seasonal variance and focuses purely on cooling equipment and no other power consuming products in the data centre.

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External cooling solutions


Our hybrid range of coolers provide an alternative to cooling towers and adiabatic coolers

Unique Patented and GUARANTEED leak free operation with the Leak Prevention System for water cooled data centre infrastructures

Hybrid adiabatic cooler

As the system operates outside the LCOP L8 document there is no requirement for local authority registration and due to the mode of operation, the system requires no ongoing expensive chemical treatment regime and water testing.  However, thanks to its innovative design, the water that is not evaporated is recycled through a UV filtration system to allow it to be reused.  There is no water sprayed into the air at any point and the coil stays dry at all times.  The units can achieve fluid temperatures within 4°C of wet bulb but operate dry up to 3°C from dry bulb.  The range of capacities from 50 to 1200kW.

Leak Prevention System 'LPS'

The ColdLogik design principle means only sensible cooling is used to control the data centre room temperature. Which means ensuring the water supply temperature to the CL20 rear coolers is above dew point at all times. The CDU design controls the supply water temperature by the use of a heat exchange matrix, meaning that the data centre remains condensate free. The unique patented Leak Prevention System ‘LPS’ puts all the cooling pipe work, apparatus and CL20 rear coolers on a negative circuit so in the event of a breach to pipe work or even untightened fittings, water will not escape and the data centre will continue to operate uninterrupted until a schedule repair can be carried out.


 Communications room & office cooling












USystems takes an innovative approach to commercial air conditioning, offering products that focus on saving energy and in turn expenditure. The Directional Airflow eXhaust system ‘DAX’ can serve to remove heat from the rear of IT enclosures. This heat can be fully recycled to provide warmth to offices in the winter, presenting itself as an industrial cooling system that intelligently redistributes heat. The UCoustic Ducting Kit offers industrial cooling with flexibility in mind. Direct heat to other rooms or remove waste hot air directly through the wall, window or ceiling plenum.

Browse each product individually to discover the full range of benefits that they carry, including how they can complement other comms room services for optimum efficiency.

‘DAX System’ - what is it?

The primary function of the Directional Airflow Exhaust ‘DAX system’ is to enhance industrial cooling systems through the removal and distribution of heat from the rear of IT enclosures in an energy efficient and controlled way.

Incorparting the unique UTelligent FaEn board to monitor, diagnose and warning alarms.


UCoustic Ducting Kit

  • Save money, energy and power consumption on existing room air conditioning
  • Divert and recycle waste hot air providing free heating to other rooms
  • Helps prevent hardware and software failures
  • Helps prevent any unnecessary downtime
  • Access to rear of cabinet and door opening is not affected when the ducting kit is utilised
  • Retrofittable to the 24U and 42U UCoustic 9210 active cabinet
  • Can be directed to exhaust through wall, window or ceiling plenum




Hoses discreetly blocked from view - can be directed to go through wall or ceiling. There is room at rear of cabinet to open doors for access even when exhaust fitted




Power and Security Solutions

Intelligent Power

With today’s ever increasing cost of power and the drive to reduce consumption, UTelligent power gives the user control and information to reduce costs by using the tools that identify, log and manage events.

Secure Space










The UTelligent Secure-Space is a TCP/IP network ready, cost effective, flexible, access control and environmental monitoring solution which has been specifically designed with high security and simplicity in mind.