Aisle Containment system

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Many years of innovation and experience accumulated at USystems producing cutting edge design solutions for data centres has been channelled into developing the most effective and efficient aisle containment system currently available.

Thermodynamically advanced, cost and energy efficient, the Convex Aisle Containment system is the latest contribution to the ColdLogik range of inspired data centre cooling solution options.

Convex Aisle Containment is suitable for new builds and is also fully retrofittable onto both USystems and OEM cabinets for new build or existing data centres without affecting day to day operations, where the cold or hot aisle can be contained to maximise cooling efficiency.

The USystems Convex Aisle Containment system a modular design product and can be tailored around new or existing single rows, cabinet to wall, different length and height rows and can even fit around obstructions such as pillars, lintels and pipe work.

In an era where companies need to significantly reduce their carbon footprint especially with data centres being one of the highest consumers of energy; the Convex Aisle Containment solution targets its inherent design inefficiencies by preventing hot air and cold air mixing and hot spots developing, the combined effect significantly raises the efficiency of the entire room cooling system.

Containing the aisle significantly reduces the load on the CRAC units leading to significant savings in operating costs.



The Convex Aisle Containment system from USystems is the most thermodynamically efficient solution available in aisle containment due to the unique registered design® convex roof , which when compared to the traditional flat roof option is demonstrably more efficient thermodynamically due to its enhanced airflow capability.

The Convex Aisle Containment system consists of clear twin wall polycarbonate removable overhead convex roof panels, sliding access panels and sealed sliding doors at the end of each aisle which are available in cable assisted manual and electronic versions. The twin wall polycarbonate panels also assist with separation of cold air within the aisle and hot air within the room, giving further energy efficiency savings.

Where cold aisle containment is required, the system combines to effectively seal off what would usually be the ‘cold aisle’ thereby ensuring the cold air delivered from the floor vents is sealed within the aisle and unaffected by the hot exhaust air which is dispersed into the room. The structure is self supporting within the aisle and is not reliant on any fixtures within the structure of the data room and it doesn’t impinge on any services.

When used as a cold aisle or hot aisle incorporating in row cooling, Convex Aisle Containment system provides segregation between cold supply air and hot exhaust air.

  • Thermodynamically advantageous
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Hot or cold aisle versions
  • Cost effective
  • Low-maintenance
  • Custom built
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Modular
  • Retrofittable
  • Re-locatable



Thermal Benifits

Over 70% of server failures occur in the uppermost third of the rack where the heat rises overheating the upper equipment. Cold Aisle containment assists with delivering an even and controlled temperature across all servers no matter where they are housed within the rack by reducing the airflow speed within the aisle.

The convex curve prevents air buffering and smoothly redirects back into the aisle


Environmental & Cooling

Convex Aisle Containment fully encases the corridor with a rigid enclosure which maximises the efficient use of cold air being fed in through the raised floor. The corridor remains light as light transmission (LUX) from the data centre is let in through the lightweight transparent convex ceiling panels which have a transparency of an impressive 88%.

The sliding doors at either end of the aisle can be self closing and can be fitted with a choice of security levels depending on specific requirements. Environmental monitoring options are also available.

Cost Savings

Savings of up to 30% on building and operating cooling systems specifically for data centresmeans a full return of initial investment from energy saving is realistic within the first year of installation.

Capacity to utilise previously unused cabinet space can be maximised due to freedom of cooling restraints, in turn extending the life of active equipment housed within and of course reducing your carbon emissions from ongoing energy savings.

Energy Efficiency Financing is available to a wide variety of organisations which can help you save money, reduce energy costs and your carbon footprint. There are a number of affordable financing options endorsed by the Carbon Trust available from Siemens Financial Services which can delivery increased energy savings and earnings from the very beginning. The scheme has been designed so that financing payments are offset by anticipated energy savings, whereby new equipment will pay for itself.