About Us

We are Data Room : Founded in 2004 by Craig Coates and consisting of a small yet highly motivated team. We have vast industry knowledge and experience. Data Room specialize in office / data centre solutions. Our aim is simple; to identify ways in which we can save you both time and money whilst offering an unbeatable level of customer service.


Craig Coates

Craig Coates is the founder of Data Room and started his career at a global leading data rack manufacturer in 1990. He led the company through the rapid growth and evolution of the IT enclosure market for 14 years. Craig performed project management and sales office management roles as well as having a large hand in design of bespoke products and implementation of operating procedures and practices.

In 2004 he founded Data Room . 


Our Data Centre & Office Services


Data Centre, Office Power and IT Infrastructure Solutions

  • Desktop power sockets
  • Under desk power outlets
  • Desk cable management
  • Various ranges of 19” server, networking racks and wall boxes
  • Sound proof / IP rated / bespoke racks and enclosures
  • Power products - Basic and intelligent PDU's, all types of power leads
  • Hot / cold aisle containment solutions 
  • Air flow management




Colocation Solutions

  • DRS tailored rack / power packages
  • Full delivery & installation service  
  • Variable rack compartment sizes
  • Bespoke power solutions      



Cabling Installation Services

Our selected engineers not only have the skills and experience to implement any project - they’re also sensitive to your needs and those of your staff.


Bespoke Data Room & Power Solutions

We specialise in designing bespoke solutions for your racks, power and containment needs. Our knowledge in these areas allows us to confirm very quickly what is possible and what isn’t.


On-Site Service Teams

Over the last 20 years, we have carefully handpicked individuals of the highest calibre and skill sets to ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget.


Professional IT Infrastructure Services

Our full range of expert professional services provides everything from general advice to project managing and commissioning large commercial & enterprise data centres



For all your requirements,visit our online shop where you will find many of today’s leading office power and data centre brands along with our very own DRD branded racks and power products.

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