Data Room Installations are specialists in the following:

Sit/ Stand Desks:

Office fit-outs

Typical office workers spend 60% of their time sitting down, this sedentary lifestyle pose serious health risks such as depression, obesity, high blood pressure, muscle loss, cardiovascular diseases and many other health issues so we are now trying to help everyone through supplying and setting up sit/ stand desks with as many companies as possible

Desk power:

Here at Dataroom we are well aware in these changing times it is important to keep people coming back into the office and having the right equipment/ set up. So here at Dataroom we can supply and fit out the most up to date desk power for each individual desks, from on desk, under desk and in desk power, whilst making sure that your office power is reaching all British Standards requirements


We work close with a manufacture to make sure that our customers get a high quality monitors at good price, this means that we can keep the costs down, whilst knowing our customer wont be disappointed with the products or our service.

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