AP9876 – APC Equivalent Power Cord

AP9876 – APC Equivalent Power Cord


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Our AP9876 APC equivalent IEC 309 16 Amp Commando (M) – IEC 320 C19 (F) Power Cable is constructed on 1.5mm2 H05VV-F cable and is suitable for use with IEC 309 16 Amp 240v single phase outlets

IEC 309 or BS4343 Commando connectors are produced in many variants, designed so that a plug of one type can only be inserted into another socket of the same type. Different current ratings (eg… 16 Amp, 32 Amp and 63 Amp) are distinguished by the different colour and diameter of the circular housing.

IEC 320 C19 and C20 connectors are oblong with three pins or sockets and are rated at 16 Amps. Generally they are used for high power servers, UPS’s, PDU’s and some HP / Cisco equipment.

They are not to be confused with the smaller C13 and C14 (Kettle Connectors) which are only rated at 10 Amps

This product is equivalent to APC part AP9876. It is not a manufacturer original part

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