Security Classification: Approved


Providing security for data with a range a products with UK government and MoD approved secure containers, information security solutions, locks and locking systems and document tracking.Secure (Government Approved) server racks and work stations with advanced technology.

By opting for security furniture, you can rest assured in the knowledge that you will be benefiting from the most secure, robust and yet contemporary range of high security furniture available in the UK. 

Not only secure, the ranges are designed to complement and enhance the modern office, with a vast array of colour finishes now available to suit any office scheme. We manufacture furniture to all security classifications. The furniture boasts a range of unique features which make these units the number one choice.

The furniture features easily adjustable shelving without the need for loose pegs in holes. Advanced locking systems have eradicated the need for the clumsy external locking stiles, which has for so long been a headache for users.  Electronic locks offer ease of use and multi-user and audit trail facilities.

We offer a comprehensive array of accessory fittings and filing arrangements, various locking options as well as offering all products in bespoke sizes. Therefore furniture can be adapted to suit every customer specification.

Owing to the sturdy construction, all furniture has long life expectancy in everyday use, and is as equally well suited to heavy-duty military use as it is sitting in harmony with other ranges of non-secure furniture in a modern office environment.

The National Protective Security Authority (NPSA)



The following products have been assured by the CPNI protection level grading systems-

  • Two, Three and Four Drawer Filing Cabinets
  • One and Two Door Containers
  • Secure PC Workstation
  • Document-Box
  • Key-Box
  • Taser Storage Container

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