Complete freedom from fixed wall sockets & trailing power cables.​

Inspired by the need to power our devices anywhere, in every possible space, ANIMATE provides a truly agile & dynamic working environment – with the additional safety of DC power. OE’s ANIMATE is a complete electrical system that uses click & connect modules & patented battery technology.

ANIMATE provides limitless possibilities in agile working environments. Speak to us about a tailor made solution, or dream up your own.

QIKPAC Battery

240Wh scalable capacity Fixed or portable applications Certified to IEC & UL standards Patented – ANIMATE modular battery system Available in black or white

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Portable, rechargeable li-ion battery technology with integrated carry handle

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Mount horizontal or vertical Connect or Locate versions Available in black or white

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3 unit charging station for QIKPAC Batteries or QIKPAC CARRY. Available in Black or White.

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Dual function QIKPAC docking solution. For installation into horizontal/angled surfaces. Integral panel mount clips. Available in black or white.

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Compatible with QikFit units and QikTray Patented unit replaceability Universal Type C Laptop charging Intelligent Device Recognition (IDR) for optimal fast charging on Type A port

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Piccolo DC

60W Type C laptop charging Unique Reversible Type A connector Multiple mounting options 24-30V DC power input Designed for use with OE QikFit 30 PSU Optimum safety for use in public areas

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GST08 male to female lead

GST08 male-female interconnect lead

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GST08 Splitter

GST08 Connector

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unlock an agile workspace

Imagine coming into the workplace every morning with the ability to not only choose your desk but to move it, too – OE’s ANIMATE system does just that, by introducing QIKDOC to workstations & desks.

Mounting QIKDOC in or under a desk or workstation means that power can be added to the station, right when it is needed. For more flexibility & conservation of energy than ever before.

Drop in QIKPAC CARRY for a fast & interchangable battery powered station with no fixed location or arrangement. With 240Wh, our powerful QIKPAC battery has enough juice to power your workspace for an entire day.

Simply pick up a QIKPAC CARRY from the charging base & drop it straight into your chosen workstation via the QIKDOC holster for instant, on-demand power to your chosen set-up.

grab & go​

Why not meet your client at the park today? Or better yet, the pub! With the QIKPAC CARRY you’ll never need to search for sockets again.

After a long day out with your QIKPAC CARRY, simply drop your pack onto our QIKPAC CHARGING STATION. There’s enough space for 3 packs, so you can grab a fresh one while you’re there!