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Dual function QIKPAC docking solution. For installation into horizontal/angled surfaces. Integral panel mount clips. Available in black or white.

Made to Order – Please ask for aprox. lead times

Connecting Shoe Datasheet




QIKPAC Connecting Shoe allows you to create your own QIKPAC BATTERY charging station or connection point. QIKPAC Connecting Shoe can be installed where required by creating a cutout in a suitable suface/panel and simply clipping in place.

Once installed in the required location, connect our QF30 PSU to the connecting show via a GST08 lead for a convenient QIKPAC battery charging solution. Alternatively, use the QIKPAC Connecting Shoe to create a docking station for our QIKPAC providing a DC solution to power furniture wihtout a mains AC power connection.

Technical Specifications
QIKPAC connecting shoe is available in M2F and M4F versions.


Has one male and two female GST08 connector interfaces. When connected to a sub-surface mounted QF30 PSU it can act as a charging dock for a QIKPAC Battery or QIKPAC Carry unit. Alternatively power from a docked QIKPAC Carry unit can be used to Power USB outlets and wireless chargers fitted in furniture without an AC supply, or even a desk height adjustment motor, up to max load of 6A.


Has one male and four female GST08 connectors and should be specified when more than two DC outputs are required and/or the total load will be greater than 6A but not exceeds 12A.

High strength fire retardant polycarbonate

Black or white

Power Cord Options
GST08 male to female interconnect cable for connection to QF30 PSU

QIKPAC Battery Compatibility
Single QIKPAC battery or QIKPAC Carry

DC Power In Connector Options
One male GST08 6A connector in base

DC Power Out Connector Options
M2F – two female GST08 6A connectors in base – Max total output 6A
M4F – four female GST08 6A connectors in base – Max total output 12A

QIKPAC connecting shoe can be mounted into surfaces 1-3mm thick. Please see fitting instructions

Quality & Testing:
All QIKPAC connecting shoes are manufactured using ISO9001 quality controlled components and practices and are 100% tested before dispatch

CE/UKCA Marking:
QIKPAC connecting shoes are CE & UKCA marked by OE Electrics as complying with ROHS Directives 2011/65/EU and 2015/863/EU and equivalent UK regulations.

Cable Retention
All QIKPAC connecting shoes have integrated cable rentention clips as shown below in blue. Secure cables using cable tie feature.

Unit Dimensions: