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2x Schuko sockets, dual 3.4A USB, master switch

P-PACK 2x Schuko sockets, master switch to 500mm male GST – (White)

P-Pack Schuko Desktop units with powered USB charger Size: (157.53 KB)




P-Pack Schuko Desktop units with powered USB charger

  • 5V 3.4A dual port USB charger
  • Data & AV options
  • 45° angled sockets
  • Pair clamps / sticky pads
  • Schuko CEE 7/4 sockets
  • UK stock mix option
  • Matching cables & under-desk power
  • 500mm to GST18 connector

Thousands of UK offices now use the popular P-PACK DESK with individually fused UK sockets, now their overseas office can benefit as well with the Schuko socket range, plus a mixed UK/Schuko version ideal for hot desking, all in the range have smart charge USB’s.

Manufactured from a tough ABS plastic extrusion, the same key components from the established and reliable P-Pack under desk product range are used on the desktop to maximise the system performance.

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