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DRD19UD Under-desk CPU Holder/ Adjustable Computer Mount colour options

Step-less height adjustment from 300 to 510mm (11.8″ to 20.1″) , width adjustment from 88mm to 203mm (3.47″ to 8″ ), fits most ATX and micro_ATX computers.
Hang your computer/PC under the desk, off the floor and away from dust, debris, pet fur and other contaminants that can affect your computer.
360° swivel for easy access to rear cables and ports.
Manufactured from heavy-duty steel, holds up to 10 Kg (22lbs)
Elegant powder-coating finish, available in Black (default), White (on request), Silver (on request)


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The DRD19UD CPU holder is an upgraded version for our popular P6UD. Now the height adjustment is step-less so the CPU holder can be adjusted to fit your computer snugly for even better safety and security, whereas in the old model, there is often a narrow gap between the mounted computer and the ceiling (of the CPU holder).

Sit-stand desks are getting more and more popular among professionals, but how do you keep the your desktop computer stay connected to the monitor if the standing desk rises up and lowers down regularly? This is where our CPU holder can help. It mounts your tower PC under the desk-top. When the desk rises, it carries the computer along the journey, keeping all cables stay firmly connected.

The DRD19UD adjustable CPU holder elevates your computer off the floor and hangs it under your desk, saving precious desk space or floor space. A CPU holder is a must-have for people using height-adjustable sit-stand desks, otherwise the messy cables may pull up your computer from the floor when the desk is rising.

The DRD19UD CPU holder is adjustable in width from 88mm to 203mm (3.47″ to 8″) and in height from 300 to 510mm (11.8″ to 20.1″), so it is compatible with most ATX tower & desktop PCs, some micro-ATX PCs may also fit too.

The DRD19UD under desk computer mount features a 360 degrees swivel so you can easily rotate your CPU for access to rear cables and ports. No more twisting, bending or crawling in a tight corner again to reach your computer’s ports and jacks. Simply rotate the CPU holder for access.

The DRD19UD CPU holder are made from heavy-duty steel, capable of holding hold up 10 kg (22lbs). With Allcam’s affordable prices, why bother with those flimsy plastic competitors?