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Thin Client Mount / Mini CPU Holder w/ Pole clamp, Vesa Mount & Under desk Fixings (Universal Mount for NUC Units up to 5Kgs and VESA 75, Vesa 100)

Mount your mini PC/ NUC between the back of a LCD monitor and the bracket of your monitor arm (using the VESA mounting holes)
Other options to mount your mini CPU are: on the pole of your monitor stand (using the universal clamp) or under the desktop.
Universal, for all mini PCs with or without threaded mounting holes (mini pc thickness between 15-63mm, weight up to 5 Kgs / 11 lbs)
All the necessary accessories are included in the package; Also we have included an adjustable strap just to make sure that your mini CPU is safe.
This product is covered by 5 Years Warranty so you can enjoy many years of worry free usage.


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Want to mount your mini PC (Intel NUC) to the back of your monitor? the DRD Universal Thin Client Mount / CPU Holder is the answer. This was specially designed to mount mini PCs / NUCs with a maximum weight of 5Kgs and Vesa mounting holes (VESA 75 or VESA 100).

Our thin client mount is very versatile and it will allow you to mount your mini CPU in 3 different ways:
To the back of a LCD monitor with threaded mounting holes (between the bracket and the monitor)
Clamped to the monitor arm pole using the included universal clamp (Diameter of the pole accepted : 35mm to 42mm)
Fixed under your desktop using the supplied fixings

The DRD mini PC mount is universal, compatible with all mini PCs on the market, the thickness size accepted is between 15 to 63mm while the weight must not exceed 5Kgs (11lbs). Also we have included an adjustable strap just to make sure that your mini CPU is safe.

The DRD NUC holder bracket is designed with your convenience in mind. It comes with all the necessary accessories already included so you can get the job done straight away.

FAQ: is this mount compatible with my monitor / my monitor arm bracket?
A: As long as your monitor (and the monitor arm bracket) have standard VESA mounting holes (75mm or 100mm apart) then you will be able to mount our thin client holder between the back of your monitor and the bracket. Otherwise you can still mount the mini cpu holder directly on the monitor arm pole (using the supplied clamp) or even under your desktop.