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DRDF03MW-series Gas Spring Height Adjustable Standing Desks/ Sit-Stand Workstations (FRAME ONLY)

Gas-spring-assisted standing desk / sit-stand workstation, frame only or with small (1200×675 scalloped top) or medium (1400×800 rectangular top)
Smooth and effortless pneumatic height adjustment: 722-1132 mm / 28.4″-44.6″
Customise your own sit-stand desk with your own choice of worktop, compatible worktop width 1100-1400 mm and depth 500-800 mm
Gas spring lifting power 15 kg (assuming top weight 17 kg), actual total lifting power of the gas spring is 32 kg.
Green and Ergonomic: friendly to health and environment


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DRDF03 standing desk helps reduce your sitting hours and maintain a healthier working habit. The heavy-duty steel frame makes the standing desk as stable as a normal office desk. The pneumatic gas spring makes the height adjustment smooth and effortless. The gas spring standing desk is much easier to adjust than a cranking desk, and much cheaper than an electric desk, offering you the best of both worlds.

Customise with your own worktop
The DRDF03-series standing desk frame measures 1050x450x (722-1132) mm, and you can customise your own sit-stand desk with any top with width of 1100-1400 mm and depth of 500-800 mm.

Pneumatic gas spring mechanism lifts up to 15 kg (assuming desk-top weighs 17kg) – actual gas lifting force is 32 kg. This means that if the combined weight of the items on a desk is 15 kg or less, the desk can raise to the max height on its own if the lever is pulled. If over (say 20 kg), you will have to manually lift 5 kg (20-15=5) for the desk to raise to the max height.

Stabilising Bar/Panel
Height-adjustable desks are normally NOT as stable as commercial office desks. We heard your comments and designed this stabilising panel. We also designed the panel in such a way that it can be hung onto the desk legs which makes the installation slightly easier

Height-adjustment lever same as bike brakes
The height adjustment is activated by pulling the lever toward the desk-top. The lever is connected to the gas springs via a bike-style brake cable, which can be tightened or loosened in the same way you adjust bike brakes.

Investing in a sit-stand desk is an investment in your own health
Scientists estimate that reducing your sitting time to less than 3 hours a day could increase your life expectancy by 2 years. It is highly recommended you take a break or switch to standing position after sitting for 2 hours or more. Several studies also show lower back pain is becoming a common problem for people sitting over 4 hours per day. By switching to standing regularly, you will be focusing on your work more, extending your life expectancy and alleviating lower back pain.