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DRDF35TM Triple-motor Electric Height Adjustable Sit-stand Meeting Desk in White

  • Ergonomic triple-motor height adjustable meeting desk frame (desk-top NOT included).
  • Super sensitive dual sensor anti-collision techonology, avoid personal injuries and physical damages by the rising/dropping desk.
  • 3-stage columns, much bigger height adjustment range:  58-123cm/22.8″-48.4″
  • Heavy duty steel construction, max. load 150 Kg / 330 lbs.
  • Telescopic frame 210-369cm, customize your meeting desk with tops of width 220-400cm and depth 70-130cm.
  • Remote control/display with 3 pre-set desk height memory, and Alert timer.
  • Quiet constant speed motors even under full load capacity, accurate height adjustment (< 2mm error).
  • Desk top not supplied 


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Need more energy in your meeting room? Try the DRDF35TM sit-stand meeting desk! Featuring 3 electric motors that allow you to adjust the height, the DRDF35TM height adjustable meeting desk helps turn a boring meeting room into an energetic place for the team to exchange ideas. With a single click the desk can be raised from 58cm to 123cm within seconds.

Telescopic Frame and Customisable Top

The frame of the height adjustable meeting table is telescopic, extending from 210cm to 369cm. This offer you the option to customize your meeting desk with tops of width 220-400cm and depth 70-130cm.

Clean Finish (hidden screws)

Stay healthy and stay clean go together. Based on your feedback of our popular EDF10-series standing desks, all screws are now hidden from sight.

Dual-sensor Anti-collision sensitivity

There are two sensors: one for electric current and one gyro for levelness, and there are 3 sensitivity parameters (upward, downward, and levelness /gyro), each with 9 level settings. Effectively you can have 27 different anti-collision sensitivity settings.

Three height presets

When the desk is at your desired height, touch button “M” then “1” or “2” or “3” to set, for example, “1” for your reading position, “2” for writing position, and “3” for your standing position. When you want to change from reading position to standing, simply touch “3”.

Warranty Info

The DRDDF35TM dual-motor sit-stand desk frames are brand new and include a 5 year warranty (including the electric motor).