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Swivel Arm TV Wall Bracket Universal for 19, 22, 24, 27, 32 -inch LCD TVs Max VESA 200×200 Weight 30 kg

Premium Quality TV bracket made from reinforced and powder-coated steel, with unique £1000 guarantee for mounted TV standard 5 years warranty
Super flexible: the mounted TV can be easily moved for best viewing angle: Tilt down, Swivel left/right, Pull out / Push in
Universal fit, suitable for all 19″ to 32″ wall-mountable LCD/LED TVs/monitors under 35 kg with VESA 200×200, VESA 200×100, VESA 100×200, VESA 100×100 standard mounting holes
Easy installation, with step-by-step graphic & text guide, and a complete set of fittings including: screws, bolts, anchors, spacers, and washers
Overall dimensions: 230 x 270 x 56mm (HxVxD), articulated arms extend up to 378mm (14.9″)


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The DRDL293XS TV wall mount kit has articulated arms and a tilting bracket to ensure that you will be able to view your TV in any part of the room. Suitable for most 19″ to 32″ LCD/LED TVs with VESA 200×200 or less mounting holes and under 30 kg in weight, it is the ideal choice to mount a TV to the wall and with extra flexibility to move it around and adjust its viewing angles. For example when your TV is mounted in a corner or an alcove, you will want the flexibility to pull the TV out and rotate it to face the audience. Perfect for saving space and adding that extra touch of flexibility to your TV viewing experience.

The extra flexibility is achieved by the articulated arms and tilting front TV bracket. The arms can rotate freely at all 3 pivot points so your TV can be pushed in / pulled out and swivelled from left to right freely and easily. When fully pulled out the TV bracket extends up to 378 mm (14.9″), and when fully pushed in it sits only 56 mm (2.2″) away from the wall. The TV can be tilted between 3° up and 10° down.

The TV bracket is screwed to the back of the TV, then hooked onto the wall mounted arm and tightened in place – this makes installation easier.