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Mobile TV Stands for Plasma/LCD/LED TVs w/ TV Mounting Bracket & Black Glass Shelf

Mobile TV stand with free-moving wheels and brake
Support up to 60 kg (130 lbs)
VESA-compliant TV bracket for 22″ – 60″ plasma/LCD/LED TVs (see bracket selection section below)
Easy to assemble; fittings & assembly instructions included
Premium quality and elegant looking black base, black bracket & chrome poles
Wheels can be easily attached or detached from the base, base height: 11.5 cm (4 cm if wheels removed)
An optional black tempered glass shelves is available with our FS402 model, featuring the same design but with a shelf


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This is a premium quality mobile TV floor stand suitable for the vast majority of 22” to 60” flat screen TV’s. The stand is part of Allcam’s heavy-duty range and is finished to a high standard while maintaining maximum stability.

The FS402 is the same premium quality mobile TV floor stand but is suitable for the vast majority of 32” to 65” flat screen TV’s. The stand is also part of a heavy-duty range and is finished to a high standard while maintaining maximum stability. The stand comes with a stylish black glass shelf which can be used to hold audiovisual equipment or a laptop depending on your needs.

The FS400-series mobile floor stands are suited for busy areas such as foyer’s and lobbies, for displaying adverts and product information to customers and visitors. The stand is fully mobile but has a sturdy and stable design, meaning it will not be knocked down by a careless bump in these busy environments. The stand also comes with a reliable braking system to hold the stand in place as needed.

Bracket Selection

The FS401 and FS402 TV stands are suitable for the vast majority of TV’s with screen sizes 22” to 60”. The TV uses a VESA mount which the vast majority of modern TV’s use and several brackets sizes are available for this TV which can be selected when you order. The VESA system is expressed as H x V where H and V represent the length of the distance between these threaded holes horizontally and vertically respectively. For example, VESA 480 x 330 would be suitable for any TV with horizontal spacing less than 480 mm and vertical spacing less than 330 mm.

If you do not specify bracket size, we will send the medium size by default.

The sizes available for this TV are:

Small: for H x V spacing less than 480×330 mm (most of the 22″ to 37″ LCD/LED TVs are in this range)
Medium (default): for H x V spacing less than 720x480mm (most of the 37″ to 65″ Plasma/LED/LCD TVs)
Large: H x V spacing up to 880x500mm including VESA 800×400 (a few 42″ to 65″ Plasma/LCD TVs)


Q1: My TV is smaller than 32″, will the FS402 TV stand work?

Yes! However please keep in mind that the smallest TV monitor stand is 532×350 mm (20.9″ x 13.8″), so the bracket may stick out from the back of your TV if the overall dimensions of your TV are smaller.

Q2: I’m not sure which bracket size to choose, I think more than one might be compatible?

Generally speaking, as long as the VESA holes are less than the standard specified, the TV should be compatible. You may wish to choose a larger size if you might use a larger screen in the future. Keep in mind that the stand may stick out above and below the TV if the TV bracket you choose is small, and larger brackets might interfere with access to your TV’s display ports if these are in line vertically with the VESA holes on the back of your TV on some less well-designed TV’s.