Bespoke manufacture of Data Centre and High Security Steel Product solutions such as Security Furniture, Glazing, Kitchens, Data.Server Cabinets.


The whole range has been designed to complement the modern office.All units have clean lines and simple styling, so with the colour finishes now available there will e a product to suit any office scheme.All furniture boasts a range of unique features which make our units the number one choice today.
Add to these features a new range of electronic locks and you will begin to discover why our range of furniture hassuch user appeal. Ease of use is a key factor in ur design. Electronic locks mean fast access and fast PIN changes. The many lock versions available offer vertical or angled keypads, so no more crouching down to align Dial numbers on low furniture.
Versatility is another key benefit of the range. With a comprehensive array of accessory fittings and filing arrangements, various locking options and the fact that all products can be offered in bespoke sizes, furniture can be adapted to suit every customer specification. Owing to the sturdy construction, all furniture has long life expectancy in everyday use which means not only excellent value for money for you, but also contented staff who have to use the furniture on a daily basis. 


These Approved two, three and four drawer cabinets offer filing type storage, suitable for standard suspension files in either a 4 drawer, 3 drawer or 2 drawer format.

  • Drawers run on heavy duty slides giving a maximum capacity for each drawer of 80kg (175lbs). 
  • Manufactured from 1.6/1.6mm mild steel
  • Each drawer fully extends clear of the cabinet to enable drawers to be easily loaded. There is an anti-tilt system in each unit to ensure that only one drawer may be extended at one time.
  • Drawer dividers are available for all filing cabinets.
  • The range is available with a choice of locks.



Two door containers can be manufactured to suit low level or open plan office arrangements.

  • Heights of 1008mm and 1300mm are standard but any height can be manufactured to non-standard dimensions to customer requirements.
  • All standard filing accessories will fit the containers e.g. shelves, static filing kit, extendable filing kit, DVD Rack Holders etc and a choice of locks.
  • Manufactured from 1.2/1.6mm mild teel.
  • The range is available with a choice of locks as shown below.



Adjustable shelves come as standard, additional shelves and accessories are available on request.

  • Manufactured from 1.2/1.6mm mild steel.
  • This container can be manufactured to non-standard dimensions to customer requirements.
  • The range is available with a choice of locks as shown below.



  • This wall mountable key box has capacity for approximately twelve keys on fobs.
  • It is extremely sturdy being of fully welded construction with an internally hinged door. The keybox will accept any approved high security lock.
  • It can be wall mounted with ease as it is sized to fit conveniently into a brick or block masonry wall.
  • The range is available with a choice of locks as shown below.
  • 3mm mild steel construction.



  • Our range of robust, secure and durable server racks are available in a range of “u” heights ranging between 9U-47U.
  • Manufactured from 1.6mm mild steel.
  • Durable 19” rails to house all your server/comms requirements
  • Flat pack construction for ease of assembly on location.
  • Available flat pack or assembled (additional cost).
  • Drawings available on request.
  • The full range is available with a choice of locks as shown below.




The following products can be fitted to any of our range of furniture

  • The Model 1006/1007 Spartan is our easy-to-use electronic safe lock that is ideal for home gun safes. This two-user lock comes with a completely redesigned locking mechanism that is based on the proven security of a rugged, motorized blocking device. The Spartan lock is the perfect entry-level lock to protect your assets.
  • FLEXIBILITY – One million 6-digit PINS to choose from, one master code, one user code.
  • SECURITY – Motor-driven locking mechanism for an extra measure of security and longer battery life.
  • DURABILITY – Tested up to 10,000 openings on two 9V alkaline batteries.
  • EMP RESISTANT – Tested to the highest EMP impact standard.

Audit Lock 2.0

  • Part of the S&G Digital Platform, the Audit Lock 2.0 is now more flexible and specific to your application. This commercial grade electronic lock with audit trail capabilities is not only more secure, it is also quicker to install. Users find it easier to operate, simpler to program, and it offers more advanced features and functionality.
  • Security – Non-solenoid construction eliminates threat of vibration and bouncing attacks. Penalty lockout feature prevents opening by entering sequential or random codes until a valid code is found.
  • Field programmability – Via keypad for single control, dual control and manager/employee modes (up to 30 users).
  • Status Indicators – Integrated user interface with three keypad LEDs for lock status indication. Audible and visual signals every time bolt extends to locked position.
  • Audit trail – 1,000 event-, time- and date-stamped audit trail. Fast download to USB flash drive and can be saved as PDF, Excel, Word or Txt file.

Titan ™

  • The Model 2006/2007 Titan safe lock, a robust, 10-user lock, comes with a completely redesigned locking mechanism that is based on the proven security of a rugged, motorized blocking device. These electronic safe locks are often used in the banking and commercial industries to protect key assets.
  • Security – One-time user codes and multiple authentications for access. Bolt position indicator that closes a circuit when the lock bolt is in either the locked or unlocked position.
  • Flexibility – Three modes of operation (bank, service and bank + service) and up to 16 users in bank mode (one programmer code, two officer codes, four administrator codes and 10 user codes).
  • Ease & Support – Fast, easy installation. No vendor meets. 24/7 technical support.
  • Audit Trail – 400-event, time and date stamped audit trail managed by easy-to-use PC-based software.