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27U Vertical Cable Tray – 150mm wide

27U Vertical Cable Tray – 150mm wide


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Quality Cable Management Solutions for Cabients

Looking to add post-installation vertical cable management to your existing EcoNetCab,ValuCab or other branded enclosures?

The high-quality, alloy constructed LMS Data cable tray is the ideal choice when it becomes necessary to provide anchor points for all types of infrastructure cabling, such as data, telco or even power.

Comprising of multiple slotted holes, giving a wide variation of anchor points, the tray comes powder-coated in black and is easily fitted to your existing LMS Data 800mm wide series Cabinets and Enclosures.




  • Full height, alloy cable management tray – 150mm wide (approx)


  • Ideal for LMS Data EcoNetCab & ValuCab Enclosures, but typically universal


  • Multiple cable slotted anchor points – For tidy cable installs


  • Effectively reduces cable stress on high-performance cables


  • Easy routing to patch panels, switches and more


  • Create a tidier installation for effective post-install work


  • Available in various sizes – 12, 15, 18, 20, 22, 27, 34, 36, 42 & 47U