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In-line surge 1800 Joule 3-pole input/output


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Power Pack In-Line Surge Protection

(Image shows P-Pack Surge 1800J)
• Male 3-pole input, female output
• Power and surge active neon
• Sits in-line BS6396 installations
• 200mm earth lead
• 1,800 Joules surge capacity
• Checks for L/N reverse
• Tough ABS plastic construction
• UL 94VO

UKCA & CE certified


Unique in-line Surge Protection for office furniture BS6396 power installations, the P-PACK SURGE 1800J plugs into the mains START lead on to the under desk and desktop unit via INTER leads, all use the same 3-pole interconnection.

Even though PowerData desk power products are individually 3.15A and 5A fused, a transient spike could damage electronic equipment before the fuse is able to act, the P-PACK surge device can negate that risk.

The product can be retro fitted when existing installations have proven the buildings electrical infrastructure warrant the use of a surge device to protect against differential and common mode surges.

3 neon indicators, Green = power present, Yellow = surge active & Red = L/N reversal

Surge technical data
Surge Suppression 1,800 Joules
Max Surge 6500A
Max load 250V 13A
Clamping voltage 775V
Response Time 1 Nanosecond
Attenuation Up to 50dB
P-PACK SURGE 1800J, length 140mm, width 62mm, depth 42mm

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