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Pop up Power 4 x Individually-fused Sockets 2x USB 1x Ethernet HDMI Qi Wireless Charging


  • Pop-up desktop power extension w/ 4 x Individually fused UK Sockets (3.15A, BS5733/A certified).
  • Integrated wireless charger, keeping your smartphone and tablet charged has never been so convenient.
  • Integrated 0.5m GST18/3 tale cable AND 2m GST female extension cable, offering you the freedom to link to existing GST power modules, or plug into a nearby mains socket.
  • Conveniently access HDMI, Ethernet RJ45, and fast USB charging ports on your desk.
  • Includes 2.6m HDMI and RJ45 CAT6 cables.
  • Ideal for office desks, meeting desks, conference rooms, test benches, and teaching environments


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he PP107S4U2QHL desktop power extension was specially designed for commercial offices to meet the BS5733/A standard, the ideal solution for busy commercial offices to provide easy access to power and keep desk or work areas tidy, helping you to focus more on work. The four 3.15A individually fused mains sockets comply with BS 6396 office furniture installation standards.

Q: Can the PP107S4U2QHLW pop-up power be used in the kitchen and other home environments?
A: The Allcame PP107S4U2QHLW is designed for commercial office use (and complies with the office electric installation standards BS5733/A and BS6396). You can indeed use it in kitchen and other home environments, but you may need to replace the 20mm 3.15A fuses with other high-rating ones (like 5A, 10A, 13A), especially when you want to plug in any appliances of 0.75 KW or over. Please note the normal 13A fuses are 25mm-long which is too long for this power extension.

The desktop power extension features 4 x individually fused sockets so you can conveniently power your PC, laptops, monitors, etc) and 2x fast-charging USB ports so you can charge digital devices such as tablets, cameras, smartphones. There is also an Ethernet RJ45 and HDMI socket extension which will make your computer & laptop connectivity a breeze. The top has a QI wireless charger for phones.

Push down on the top when it is in the bottom position and it will rise gently, push down again and it will latch into place leaving the desktop tidy and clear.


The PP107S4U2QHL desktop power extension integrates a short 0.5m GST18/3 male link, as well as a 2m GST female extension cable, so you can enjoy the freedom to link to existing GST power modules, or plug into a nearby mains socket. If you need a shorter cable than 2 meters, buy the option “Mains Cable 1m”, if you want longer than 2 meters, buy one or multiple of the option “Extension Cable 2m” or “Extension Cable 3m”

The PP107S4U2QHLW requires a 127 mm diameter circular cut-out and a minimum clearance of 180 mm below the top surface of the desk.

There are also 3m network and HDMI cables integrated (2.6m available, the other 0.4m are buried inside the body).






  • Model numbers: PP107S4U2QHL, PP107S4U2QHLW (white), PP107S4U2QHLB (black)
  • Description: PP107S4U2QHL Pop-up Power Extension Sockets with USB, Ethernet, HDMI, and Wireless Qi Charger
  • Mains socket: 4x individually-fused sockets, 3.15A Ø5×20 mm fuse pre-fitted which support devices up to 650 W (0.65 KW) each,  click here for higher capacity fuses
  • Mains cable: 0.5m GST tail cable and 2m GST start cable with 13A-fused plug
  • USB: 2x fast USB chargers 2.1A (USB data connection not supported)
  • HDMI: 1x socket on top and 2.6m HDMI cable (with plug) below
  • Network/ Data:  1x Cat6 RJ45 Ethernet port at the top and 2.6m network cable (with plug) below
  • Wireless charger: 1x Qi Wireless Charger 5W
  • Physical Dimensions: Diameter Ø145 x Height (182 – 272) mm
  • Installation: worktop with Ø127 mm cut-out, and 180 mm space under